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From scenography to communication:

a journey into a show’s visual design

The Assignment

Asset Events Entertainment asked MateriaMedia to design the show’s visuals from scratch, starting from scenography and going all the way through to communication, marketing and adv. With the supervision of the great Arturo Brachetti I could design the gigantic mechanical backdrop, made of asymmetrical frames, which would be beamed upon with textures, in blending with back projections in style, which would change along to the scenes during the show. Once accomplished this task, I was sent to supervise the photoshoot, which I had previously organised giving characters’ mockups to the David Prando, the photographer and his make-up artist. After a whole day session in Padova we were ready to process the images and start building the visuals for the entire communication. I designed the logo as well, plus the entire graphic concept, which started in green, then switched to white and ended up in deep blue all along the duration of the shows replicas. Another massive assignment, which I could carry on thanks to te experience made throughout the years and especially lately with Amaluna by Cirque du Soleil.

The Solution

Once again the Adobe Creative Cloud came to my help. Combining Photoshop and InDesign mostly, using Illustrator at times, when it was about creating or modifying vector graphics. Thanks to Adobe Smart Libraries I could dramatically reduce production times on big Photoshop files (several Gb each) without stressing RAM and System that much. Basically I took full advantage from combining just the preview access to such big files, taking it to the extreme consequences when working with InDesign also while designing items like posters or out of scale ad formats. working with video ads was no headache thanks to Final Cut Pro X, which is becoming more and more reliable also for broadcasting.

Scenography Design

Logo and graphic concept

Materials for ADV and Marketing



Briefing and Concept


Graphic Design


Post Production



All round visuals production

Impact Visuals Designed to be Seen

Recalling the circus but with a twist, something closer to a modern concept of live performance, enhanced by special effects and high quality music. We sent this kind of message  to those who were looking at the material we realised.

Getting the Public Involved

The backdrop we designed gave the show exactly what it needed. A sort of portal between reality and imagination, a twilight zone where the two dimensions coexist. Designed to be moved around, opened, dismantled, letting the public dive into the scenes and get involved.

Cost Effective Solution

The kind of technical choice allowed us to keep the design and editing costs pretty low, in order to not influence the already relevant budget of the show’s production.
  • Complexity Level 20% 20%
  • Resources Usage 10% 10%
  • Technical Rendition 80% 80%
  • Cost Effectiveness 95% 95%

The Results Were Amazing

In this case like in many others, I could follow the entire process from concept design, to design, to post-production and delivery. I could easily manage to make every single deadline with a degree of anticipation that allowed the client to evaluate the result and eventually suggest edits or modifications without endangering the final delivery.

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