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Il Pozzo Website

The Assignment

Il Pozzo is one of the biggest Italian Restaurants of the whole Netherlands, one of the oldest and certainly the oldest in Utrecht. The owner needed a new website, being the old one entirely based on Adobe Flash, then quite difficult to index on Google and other search engines and also not so user friendly neither easy to update. The restaurant is right down at the water on the Oudegracht in the very center of Utrecht, a stunning location that Alex – the owner- wanted to use in order to maximize the restaurant’s image impact on the public. But his photographic material was old and insufficient to support this idea. Also the booking facility had to be improved and made easier to handle.

The Solution

I proposed a one-page-website along the current trend and keeping quite intact the restaurant’s style. The website would have be based on WordPress, using Divi by Elegant Themes as UX framework and the Restaurant Reservations plugin. I’ve also put in evidence the need for a totally new photoshoot, regarding the restaurant itself and their menu, dish by dish. At the same time ‘ve designed a communication strategy involving Social Media and enhancements in the SEO of the website itself.

Reflections do matter!

Communicate the atmosphere

Staging food versus food pics #1

Staging food versus food pics #2



Briefing and Concept


Photo Editing


Web Design



Customers just love the new website!

The importance of good photos

I will never stop saying that every good visual product in communication starts with the right images: right shots, high source quality, detailed editing. When these three rules are respected then the whole work process in building the website is just smooth and clean. And fast. And most of all compliant to the project.

One-page responsive layout

The most important detail about designing a website has always been taking care of the way people use it. To do this you have to take into account which are the most common devices people use to access the internet. The choice of a one-page layout goes in the direction of making it easy for who is using tablets and smartphones (which are the most used devices nowadays) thanks to a fully responsive layout which adapts to every screen dimension and resolution. This way everything can be viewed just scrolling the home page up and down.

Dynamic categorized restaurant menus

Thanks to the features integrated into Divi, it was possible to organize the quite massive menu of the restaurant per categories and types, making it so that everything could remain in the one-page website leaving the choice to the customer to expand the menu category and/or type he needs to explore. This has been elegantly handled through a beautiful jQuery based text expander.

  • Complexity Level 45% 45%
  • Resources Usage 60% 60%
  • Technical Rendition 90% 90%
  • Cost Effectiveness 95% 95%

Alex, the restaurant’s owner, was so happy with the results…

…that he asked me to redesign their menus and wine cards, to design their business card and to produce a video about the restaurant to be used for SMM, which is gonna be produced at the end of August 2016 and of course featured on these pages. It’s great to make your customers happy, isn’t it?

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