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Rome installation 2016-2017

The Assignment

Asset Events Entertainment, directed by Massimo Fregnani, assigned to MateriaMedia the whole communication package for the one and only Italian residency of this massive show by Cirque du Soleil. I had to assemble original CDS material and my own designs in order to produce the biggest amount of communication products I’ve ever done on an single assignment.
Something like dozens and dozens of different posters, ads, web images, stickers, panels, videos, presentations, packaging items, exhibitors, and each and everyone of them in at least 4 different versions every time, in an indefinite number of surfaces and materials and dimensions, till the very big ones like entire buildings, entire metro stations, entire facades of airports, train stations, long vehicles and busses. I’ve been working no stop for this project since September 2016 until July 2017, coordinating the Italian production and all the media partners together with CDS house-quarters in Montreal. Meaning that my work days started at 06:30 in the morning and ended around 22:00-23:00 in the evening. One of the toughest work experiences of my whole life, but so worth it!

The Solution

I have to thank the guys there at Adobe for having created such amazing softwares, without the Adobe Creative Cloud in his full spread I wouldn’t have made it. Combining Photoshop and InDesign mostly, using Illustrator at times, when it was about creating or modifying vector graphics. Thanks to Adobe Smart Libraries I could dramatically reduce production times on big Photoshop files (several Gb each) without stressing RAM and System that much. Basically I took full advantage from combining just the preview access to such big files, taking it to the extreme consequences when working with InDesign also while designing items like posters or out of scale ad formats. working with video ads was no headache thanks to Final Cut Pro X, which is becoming more and more reliable also for broadcasting. A few plugins gave me the exact tools to generate the different outputs requested by the many media partners – each and everyone with their own standard of course! Also thanks to the professionalism of AdStream‘s stuff it was easier for me to go through all those tough tests about lumina and audio parameters.

Delivering directly to the biggest Italian national media partners

Plenty of inspiration indeed, but a very tough challenge to get everything done and approved by Rome and Montreal

Working with big formats is fun!



Briefing and Concept


Executive Graphic Design


Post Production



Station Domination: graphic blast!

High Definition Stickers

They were just everywhere, colouring Termini’s Metro station in Rome (the busiest of them all!) with the look and feel of Amaluna, its characters, its magic. A unique experience.

Getting Visitors Involved

Travellers of the metro were literally surrounded by, immersed into Amaluna’s magic world. From the access point down through all the path to the trains, inside the train themselves, both as hanging posters and multimedia contributes. You really had no chance but get a ticket an go attend the show!

Cost Effective Solution

The price for such an installation may be pretty relevant. But the results in terms of exposure are unmatched by any other surface or media. ATAC (Rome’s public transport company) is doing extremely well putting this space at the disposal of advertisers, granting at the same time always a fresh new look to the station and extreme efficiency in making profit.
  • Complexity Level 80% 80%
  • Resources Usage 100% 100%
  • Technical Rendition 90% 90%
  • Cost Effectiveness 100% 100%

There is not so much I'm more proud about than this project...

To have the opportunity to be involved in such a great production is a true blessing. Despite the huge amount of work that was just falling on my desktop like a rain every morning and throughout the whole day, I hardly felt overwhelmed by it or intimidated from having to deal with such big shots of the entertainment’s international scenario. They did really their best to make me feel at ease and helped me out through the entire process of getting acquainted with their methodologies and routines. I received so many compliments and gratifications from both the Montreal and Rome team, plus all the media partners were extremely pleased with my punctuality, precision, availability and in general with the quality of what I delivered.

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