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Hi, I am Enrico

And this is my Company’s website, MateriaMedia, based in Wormerveer, nearby Amsterdam in The Netherlands.
Digital Media, Graphic and Music Design, Production and Marketing is what I do, thanks to my 25+ years experience and extended network of contributors.
Would you like to know what I can do for you?

Digital Media

Website Design and Development, Social Media Design and Content Management, SEO, SEA, SMM, Digital AD Campaigns, Digital Video Production, Editing, Post-Production and Publishing, 2D and 3D Animations, Digital Presentations

Graphic Design

Branding and Identity Design, Corporate Image Design, Brochures, Booklets, Invitations, Flyers, Postcards, Magazines, Newspapers, Catalogues, Posters, Events printed items, Restaurant Menus & other Items, Book Layout and Cover Design and much more!

Sound and Music

Composition, Arrangement, Production and Mastering of Movie, Documentary, TV, Video Soundtracks, Jingles, Commercials. Composition, Arrangement, Production and Mastering of Music/Songs for Single Artists, Bands, Theatre, Musicals. Voiceover in every language.

A list of our Clients and Partners

HFM Talentindex
HFM Talentindex
Il Pozzo Italiaanse Restaurant
Explora il Museo dei Bambini di Roma
Westelijke Tuinsteden
HFM Talentindex
Westelijke Tuinsteden
Bonetti Music
Provincia di Pisa
Westelijke Tuinsteden
Saludo Italia
Saludo Italia
Westelijke Tuinsteden
Il Pozzo Italiaanse Restaurant
Il Pozzo Italiaanse Restaurant
Il Pozzo Italiaanse Restaurant
David Zard Presenta
David Zard Presenta
Cinecittà Studios
Enrico is simply genius. He’s always been the one and only to immediately get what I had in mind, sometimes even without me having thought about it yet, and bring it to his stunning kind of visualization. We’ve been working together for years and I’ve always been proud of what he realized for me. Enrico is always available, even when you know he’s not, he never says no to challenges, he’s damn fast, always in time. He literally foresaw many Digital Media‘s developments through the years. It looks like his thoughts are light years ahead already and he’s just paying you a courtesy when he steps back and gives you a lift to his vision of the digital future. Working with Enrico is always a hell of a ride, and you certainly would not want to miss the chance to have an experience like this.
David Zard

CEO, Saludo Italia

Enrico has worked for several years by Infobyte S.p.A., when I was General Manager there. The company was specialized in the creation of multimedia programs on CD-Rom. Enrico had first held the role of Editor, meaning the profile who creates textual content for multimedia software, and later on Project Leader. And especially in this role that I could appreciate his skills in organising the work of composite groups of people and his ability to interact with professionals from diverse backgrounds and mentalities, like graphic designers and programmers, always managing to enhance the capacity of the single through the choral effort. He worked very well on the external front as well, the relationships with the client or accounting in general, perfectly solving delicate situations which were requiring assessment capabilities and also – so to speak – political and diplomatic skills.
Roberto Funtò

General Director (till 1995), Infobyte S.p.A

It’s always so hard to explain what kind of feeling or atmosphere you want your website to have. Fortunately for us, it turned out MateriaMedia doesn’t need such explanations. When we approached Enrico to create a website for our band, it seemed he needed less than words to immediately grasp the right tone, harmony and rhythm and turn it into this exciting visual experience with which he overwhelmed us, once he had finished. I would certainly recommend MateriaMedia, anytime, any moment, If you need someone that understands your wishes and translates them into these fabulous organic digital pamphlets called Websites!
Enrico’s approach is professional, tasteful, creative and ambitious… in short: he plays in a league of his own! 

Alexander Broussard

Musician, Plussupportact

De website is geweldig. Het weerspiegelt ons bedrijf heel goed.
Materiamedia‘s werkproces was geweldig. Ze lieppen met ons stapsgewijs door het gehele proces en denken met je mee voor een optimale resultaat.
Materiamedia werkt erg pro-actief, flexibel en is cost-competitive.
Communicatie met hen was en is altijd goed.
Echt aan te raden mocht je een representatieve website willen bouwen voor je bedrijf.
Simon Karakus

CEO (till March 2016), Prelusive


Would you like to get in touch with MateriaMedia? Just drop me a line here!